Dr. Sonal Kapoor Physiotherapy Clinic - Athlete Training

Dr. Sonal Kapoor Physiotherapy Clinic – Athlete Training

At Dr. Sonal Kapoor Physiotherapy Clinic, we care for you, we care for your thoughts, emotions and relationships… THE RESULT YOU WANT. THE CARE YOU DESERVE.

Athletes are constantly playing through their pain to reach their ultimate goal of becoming the best at what they do. They consistently work on their dreams but sometimes they lag somewhere behind because of physical factors. The success of an athlete or a team is not only measured in wins and losses, but also in how much the the athlete can bear pain. We understand the wellness of the athlete is very important not only for themselves but also for others.

The advances in sports medicine and science, particularly over the past decade have opened a wider spectrum of treatment choices. In an Athletes Training program, We will provide you with a tailor made personal training and fitness regime, individual to your personal needs, physical characteristics and specific fitness goals. We give training all kind of Athletes Training and sportsperson training to Cricketers, Golfers, Basketball players, Tennis players, Athletes etc. 

We do a complete examination about the training that any athlete deserves from endurance gaining, mobility to proper positioning of body and staying free from any injuries. During  Athlete Training Our Dedicated  expert  will motivate you, monitor your progress and ensure that you’re focusing on the exercises that are best for you. As a result they will help you  in achieving the level of perfection and reach your goals more quickly.


  • Train for a specific sport or event.
  • Endure your strength.
  • Flexible body.
  • Eliminate any kind of disability.
  • Devise healthy nutrition plans to meet your needs.
  • Customise exercise routines to help you burn off excess calories.

Apart from basic Athletes Training, Dr. Sonal Kapoor Physiotherapy Clinic provides other treatments as well.

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