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Burns Rehabilitation is a very important aspect for burnt patients. This rehabilitation is a long term process which starts from the day one of admission and continues for a long time till the patients recover. The term ‘ Burns Rehabilitation ’ incorporates the physical, psychological and social aspects of care because it is common for burn patients to experience difficulties in one or all of the burn related areas. Burns can leave a patient with severely debilitating and deforming contractures, which can lead to significant disability when left untreated, because of which patients feel lagged behind the society and loose their their confidence in every way.

Our aim is comprehensive rehabilitation at all stages of a patient’s recovery following a burn injury and to minimise the adverse effects caused by the injury in terms of maintaining range of movement, maximising functional ability, contracture development and impact of scarring, maximising psychological well being and maximising social integration. Positioning, splinting and daily  exercise are used for gaining and maintaining joint range so that patients can regain their confidence.


  • Palmar contractures.
  • Cupping of the palm.
  • Fifth-digit flexion contracture..
  • Tight thumb-index web space.
  • Ruptured extensor hood mechanism.
  • Neck flexion contracture.
  • Hip flexion abduction-external rotation in children.
  • Ankle-dorsiflexion contractures.

Apart from basic Burns Rehabilitation, Dr. Sonal Kapoor Physiotherapy Clinic provides other treatments as well.

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