• "I had a case of acute Muscle Spasm and I walked in to Dr. Sonal Kapoor's clinic. First of all the clinic itself is top notch, the staff, equipment and the ambience. Secondly,I was treated with utmost patience, care and infectious smile of Dr. Sonal Kapoor. If you are looking for Physiotherapy look no further, Dr.sonal Kapoor is excellent and I feel so much better now :)"

    Ruchika Wason


    Gypsy Child Hostels Pvt Ltd

  • "I was observing back pain since 8-9 months continuously. I was not able to sit for prolong hours, neither was i able to walk properly. I was loosing my stamina and my health was in very bad shape. My work was getting affected due to this and my daily activities were also affected due to this. I also observed that i had started limping while walking. Suddenly one day i had an unbearable pain in my left leg and was about to fall while walking. Finally i decided to see an Orthopaedic doctor in the most renowned hospital of Gurgaon. He asked me to take an MRI and when he reviewed the results, he recommended an immediate surgery as i had a very bad slip disc at L4-L5.

    I was not ready to take up the surgery hence i visited another doctor who advised me the same 'to take up a surgery'. I was so disappointed by the medical system of Gurgaon that 2 doctors of the most renowned hospital of Gurgaon, had no alternative to cure a slip disc issue and continuously forcing me to take up surgery.Hence i started looking for alternative and meanwhile one of my colleague suggested me to visit Dr Sonal for a consultation. She examined me and without me telling the issue and without looking at the MRI, she told me that i was suffering from Slip disc and it can be cured by proper care and regular physiotherapy sessions. Since i was spending so much amount everywhere, i decided to give it a shot by taking up few physiotherapy sessions from her. To my surprise, my pain started reducing after few sessions and then i decided to get myself cured from her. I am now not only going to her for my treatment but for my spine rehab. I am happy that i can get back to my activities like swimming cycling etc. Also she has helped me in getting the correct posture for my spine."


    Akshta Agarwal

    Data Analyst, McKinsey and Company